125-year-old company focused on supporting causes that improve lives and industry it serves

Charleston Steel & Metal Co. is in the business of recycling. An inherent part of that business is lessening the environmental impact of manufacturing by giving new life to discarded metals.

Out of that spirit of environmental awareness, the people who run the 125-year-old, Charleston-based company also give their time and expertise to other causes and organizations.

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2700 Spruill Ave.
North Charleston, SC 29405

3038 Hwy 52 N.
Mt. Holly, SC 29461

Profiles in Business | Special Advertising Section

Profiles in Business | Special Advertising Section

Jonathan Steinberg is a fourth-generation member of the founding family. Along with his duties as vice president and industrial relations manager, he is a member of several industry boards and has served in advisory roles for BB&T, the Berkeley County Chamber of Commerce and Reading Partners of South Carolina.

“We want to bolster the communities we serve,” he said. “Our business promotes cleaning up the streets, the landfills, and improving the environment while also providing opportunities for supplemental income. It’s a win-win for the community and we want to ensure everyone is aware of this benefit.”

Mt. Holly facility general manager Greg Habib is a former Goose Creek City Council member who was recently elected mayor there, unseating an incumbent who’d held the position for 40-plus years. Barry Wolff, vice president and general manager at the Charleston facility, said he and Habib have both been involved in community service and industry advisory boards for many years.

“It’s about giving something back to the communities we live in and work with,” Wolff said. “I think, from Greg’s standpoint, he saw that he had something to give to his town.”

Wolff is on several recycling industry advisory boards and serves on the Mount Pleasant Board of Zoning Appeals.

“I got involved because of a sense of community, helping Mount Pleasant deal with all the growth and the issues that come from that,” he said.

The company has also had a longstanding relationship with the Charleston Fire Department, allowing use of company facilities for rescue training.

Company President Bernard Steinberg, Jonathan’s father, is a former president of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries Southeast Chapter. Wolff said being on the advisory boards is a way to help the recycling industry grow and improve, and that board membership is also an excellent networking avenue.

“It keeps the Charleston Steel and Metal name in front of people,” Wolff said. “That helps us stay connected in our industry and with current and prospective customers.”

“It’s about giving something back to the communities we live in and work with.”
– Barry Wolff