For Businesses

Metal Recycling – Scrap Metal – Usable Steel Sales

For Businesses


CSM offers a variety of services to make metal recycling economical and hassle-free.    A Charleston Steel and metal professional will be happy to meet with you to discuss your needs and develop an appropriate plan.

  1. Containerized service (6 – 50 yards)  (Roll-Off, Lugger, photos)
  2. Flatbed, sided trailer, and van trailer service ( photos)
  3. 30+ Trucks on the road everyday means prompt service and support
  4. On Site work including clean up and demolition (photos of crane and Loader)


Some of our local clients:

  1. Boeing
  2. Santee Cooper
  3. Kapstone Paper
  4. BP Amoco
  5. Nucor
  6. Pegasus


We will be happy to provide references for the numerous industrial and municipal clients that we have had decades- long relationships in the area.

For Individuals and Homeowners

Metal Recycling – Scrap Metal – Usable Steel Sales

What we buy:


  1. Steel and cast iron (check with a magnet – if it sticks, its steel!)
  2. Tin – includes household appliances
  3. Electric motors such as ceiling fans
  4. Sealed units- compressors
  5. Aluminum cans
  6. Lead
  7. E-scrap – computer hard drives and towers
  8. Copper
  9. Clean aluminum
  10. Irony aluminum -aluminum containing other metals or plastics
  11. Brass
  12. Stainless steel

* For #1-7, only a Picture ID is required for sale

** For #8-12, a “SC County Transportation of Non-Ferrous Metals Permit” is required for sale — call if you have any questions!

For Automobiles:

If the vehicle is less than 12 years old, a title is required in the customer’s name.  If the vehicle is over 12 years old, a registration is required in the customer’s name.  CSM crushes the purchased vehicles.  The following processes must be performed before we can accept a vehicle:

  1. All fluids must be drained.
  2. The battery must be removed.
  3. The gas tank must be removed.
  4. Once the vehicle is on-site the tires must be removed or there will be a weight reduction.


Fast Service and up to date prices

  • Team of experts at all locations to service your needs

Usable Steel Sales

These are the products we offer for retail sales to our clients –

  • Used Structural Steel
  • Pipes
  • Plates
  • Beams
  • Angles
  • Shapes

Our Mt. Holly facility sells usable steel to the public at the lowest prices in the area

A perfect option for both builders and do-it-yourself households! We are the place to find less expensive plate, beams, pipes and more to complete your project or finish repairs.

Numerous sizes and shapes to fit most any need, big or small.

Please call 843-991-0595 for any additional information. Our steel sales manager will be happy to discuss our inventory and make sure you get what you need!